Cardiac rehab made easy

Increase enrollment through reimbursable, home-based cardiac rehab

We work with:

Deliver home-based cardiac rehabilitation through patients’ mobile devices.

Our mobile app guides patients through an evidence-based care-plan consisting of supervised exercise, educational materials and vital signs monitoring.

Our web-portal enables case-managers track patient progress, administer care plans and get reimbursed.

How It Works



Reach the 80% of cardiac patients currently not receiving cardiac rehab with a convenient and affordable program.

Earn More

Earn an extra $1500 per patient through new CPT codes.

Prevent Readmissions

Our evidence-based care plans have been shown to reduce readmission by up to 30%.

Reduce Staff

One case manager can provide quality care to up to 200 patients a year.

The Science

Our platform is based on over 20 years of research in home-based cardiac rehab, which has been shown to produce similar clinical outcomes & adverse event rates as traditional rehab. In addition, up to 5x more patients participate and 90% of them complete the program.

We work with the American Heart Association to bring together scientifically endorsed protocols, behavioral science, validated algorithms and delightful digital experiences to deliver an effective cardiac rehabilitation solution.